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Playing around with strace

English From the strace manpage: “strace is a useful diagnostic, instructional, and debugging tool”. Thanks to strace it’s possible to check what a program is doing by looking at the system calls that it makes. As a simple example, let’s compare what … Continue reading

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Crypto-Gram, February 2016 (in EPUB and MOBI format)

English Crypto-Gram is a famous free monthly newsletter written by the security expert Bruce Schneier. The original is available at Bruce Schneier’s website; this is the same content in MOBI and EPUB format, suitable for e-book readers. Download Crypto-Gram, February 2016 issue, … Continue reading

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The physics of software

English Published on Ingenium n. 102, April-May 2015 Journal of the Terni’s Order of Engineers (Cineca-MIUR n. E203872) Software engineering is a young discipline, with solid scientific basis in several fields of mathematics and in some fields that pertain strictly to computer … Continue reading

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La fisica del software

Italiano Pubblicato su Ingenium n. 102, aprile-maggio 2015 Periodico di informazione dell’Ordine degli Ingegneri della provincia di Terni (Cineca-MIUR n. E203872) L’ingegneria del software è una disciplina molto giovane, che può vantare solide basi scientifiche in alcune branche della matematica … Continue reading

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