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Wikipedia to Calibre

A week ago I bought a new “toy”, a Sony E-Book Reader, and so far I am extremely satisfied with it. I’m using Calibre to manage my virtual library: the Sony Reader preferred format is EPUB and Calibre deals with it very well.

Calibre has also several nice tools to tinker with it: a plugin API (it’s written in Python!) and some command line utilities. By using the latter I’ve built two rusty scripts: the first can be used to download a Wikipedia voice, make an EPUB of it, and put it into Calibre; the second does the same stuff but with generic web pages: it’s less optimized than Wikipedia’s tool (for example you will not have a reliable Table of Contents in most cases) but it does a decent job.


About Paolo Bernardi

Registered software engineer with over 10 years' experience in software system design, cybersecurity and privacy expert, free and open‑source software enthusiast. Certified C2‑level English language user. I live in Acquasparta, an Umbrian town famous for being the seat of the first "Accademia dei Lincei" (Academy of the Lynx‑eyed), together with my beloved wife.
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