Plymouth Wheat


Plymouth Wheat theme

This is a simple Plymouth theme (the graphical animation that you see while the system is booting), based on the Ubuntu 10.10 standard one. It features a nice green wheat background, that’s just the Ubuntu 10.10 wallpaper “Life by Paco Espinoza“, and the “Linux” text instead of “Ubuntu”.

If you have Ubuntu 10.4 or 10.10 you can install the theme just by unpacking it and by running the script on a terminal; for other distributions you’ll need to figure out the installation procedure by yourself.

NOTE: if you are using Ubuntu and after installing NVIDIA or ATI proprietary video card drivers you have a text only Plymouth at boot, you can fix it with this script. Basically it enables uvesafb, already present on Ubuntu 10.* kernel, by installing its user-space control programs and by configuring Grub to load the module at boot.


About Paolo Bernardi

Registered software engineer with over 10 years' experience in software system design, cybersecurity and privacy expert, free and open‑source software enthusiast. Certified C2‑level English language user. I live in Acquasparta, an Umbrian town famous for being the seat of the first "Accademia dei Lincei" (Academy of the Lynx‑eyed), together with my beloved wife.
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5 Responses to Plymouth Wheat

  1. Thank you, your photograph is a great background both for the desktop and for the boot… Much better than Ubuntu’s defaults.

  2. Is very satisfactory receive comments like this, is a honor that my picture be there included in Ubuntu…

  3. CaCO3 says:

    Great theme, thank you very much!
    I just installed it on my Kubuntu 13.04 beta.

    Just a note:
    On my wide screen (1920×1080), the background image was squeezed, the right 3th of the screen was just black.
    I fixed it by hardcoding the screen size in the script:
    “resized_bg_image = bg_image.Scale (1920, 1080);”
    Interestingly, the function “GetHeight ()” else seems to work, else the “Linux”-Logo also wouldnt be in the screen mid.

  4. Peter says:

    I love this theme. It is the best themes I have ever used. Works on ubuntu mint 16.04 also, you just have to edit a few of the files with the updated directory plymouth lives in now.

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